Participate Project

Research is an important part of what we do at CAHS as we work towards our vision of healthy kids, healthy communities

Children and families play a valuable role in helping find new ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating childhood conditions. 

The Participate project is raising awareness of research being conducted across our health service. It also looks at consumer feedback about the potential processes that would allow families to register their interest in being contacted for future research studies.

Researchers will invite families who attend PCH clinics or attend the Emergency department at PCH to participate in a short survey. This survey will capture people’s views about being on a contact list for future studies and let us know how best to provide the information that families want about research studies. 

The hope is that our health service will one day provide a streamlined process for families to register their agreement to be contacted about future research studies. This will generate a broader and more meaningful network of research participants, and allow us to continue with valuable research to improve health outcomes for our children and families.

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Brochure: What is child health research? Information for families.